Punto Mk IV 2012 - 2018 Fiat Portable Sat Nav

Fiat Portable Sat Nav
  • Available for 2012 - 2018 models
  • Fits See Description

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Fiat Portable Sat Nav

This Fiat Sat Nav is mounted using a suction bracket which attaches to your Fiat's windscreen.

Blue&Me Functionality
The Blue&Me functionality detailed below is only available in Fiat 500.  Some functionality may be included with other Fiat models but cannot be guaranteed.

Through integration with Blue&MeTM, The main controls can be activated using the keys on the steering wheel and the voice recognition system. Another particularly interesting feature is that voice navigation messages are transmitted via Bluetooth® on the audio system of the vehicle, lowering the volume of the radio to improve listening. The unit can also play videos and music; these must be loaded onto the memory card.

Tracking of the position of the car during navigation is also improved by Blue&MeTM functions; in fact, the system communicates the additional data regarding the speed and direction of the vehicle to the GPS of the navigator via Bluetooth®. This affords more precise navigation in the case of incomplete coverage of the GPS signal, as for example in tunnels and underpasses.

Must order the maps also, required for the navigation are contained on a separate memory card (SD) which is inserted directly into the unit.

If your Fiat Doesn't have Blue&Me, the sat nav can still be used as a normal portable navigation system, without integration with car functionality.

Included is an SD Card which contains UK and Southwest Europe maps and a Windscreen Bracket and a Power Cable.

The main features include:
• 3.5” colour Touchscreen
• Dimensions 81 x 130 x 20 mm
• Weight 190gr
• Music, pictures and Video
• Navteq maps (on SD card)

Suitable for any Fiat.

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